Pests in the Landscape

Pests in the Landscape By: Jim Taylor One of my jobs here at Garner Exteriors is to visit sites and perform Integrated Pest Management services. The goal of these services is to identify any disease or pests that may be affecting the health of a plant in the landscape and execute a plan to control them. … Read more

Importance of Miss Utility

Customer’s often wonder what the different color spray painted marks are in their yard shortly before we begin any landscaping project. In some cases, they might be lines that our designers spray to layout patios or plant bed edges but in most cases, they are marks from Miss Utility. Before Garner Exteriors starts any job … Read more

Time for Irrigation Start-Ups

Spring is here and it’s time to start-up irrigation systems again. After a mostly mild, dry Winter lawns and plants are needing some water to green up and get going again. Just turning on the water and the irrigation control clock with out adjusting last years settings is not a good idea. Watering needs are … Read more

Dormant Oil

Garner Exteriors performs dormant oil services and we found this article which explains many of the details of this process. Follow the link if you would like to read the whole article or see below for just an excerpt. “This time of year we see the recommendation to spray dormant oil to control insects on … Read more

Go Native!

Using plants that are native to our region is beneficial in several ways.  They typically perform better than many exotic plants.  They require less water and overall maintenance, which we all know is a good thing.  And they increase biodiversity-both in beneficial insects for pest management and increased habitat for wildlife species.  As an added … Read more

Dormant Pruning

Pruning shade and ornamental trees during dormant season is ideal due to inactive growth and dropping temperatures.  Dormant pruning helps trees and shrubs endure damage from severe winter weather, paving the way for healthy growth in the spring.  When it comes to the health of your trees, the best time to consider pruning is late … Read more

Drainage Issues

Whether it be broken downspouts or low lying areas in turf that collect water and don’t drain properly, we have seen a large increase in the number of jobs we are performing that involve fixing drainage issues. In some cases it can be an easy fix but in others it could be completely unearthing the … Read more