Drainage Issues

Whether it be broken downspouts or low lying areas in turf that collect water and don’t drain properly, we have seen a large increase in the number of jobs we are performing that involve fixing drainage issues. In some cases it can be an easy fix but in others it could be completely unearthing the foundation of a home to repair or install a new drain tile system. Therefore, drainage is a big part of our landscape business. It is one of the first things we address when evaluating a client’s site. Keeping water from getting to the houses’ foundation can be done in many ways but two of the most common practices are extending downspouts with buried pipe into the ground away from the house and adjusting the slope of the land around the house to make water travel away from it. Recently, we had a client who had a concrete patio installed outside their basement door. The previous contractor did not install the patio with the slope running away from the house, it ran towards the house so during heavy rains water ran under the door. Our solution was to install a three inch wide channel drain in front of the door and pipe the water away from the house. This was less expensive then removing the patio and installing a new one. If you feel like your yard or home might be suffering from a drainage issue, just give us a call and we can see what we can do to help!