For the last 15+ years we have had the privilege of serving Maryland, DC and Virgina. Our clients have shared in our history and we have shared in their lives. Here are some of the tokens of appreciation they have given us.

Steve and Team-Just wanted to drop a line and just say thanks for the great job you and your Team did on the  stabilization/erosion control job at my house. From your design down to the install everything went seamlessly. Having been in the construction business myself for 38 yrs I’ve been around enough contractors and seen enough work installed to tell if a firm takes pride in their work or just comes in to “get it done”and move on. Thats wasn’t the case with your firm on this project.Your guys came in,rock and rolled,and delivered a first class project. What impressed me the most was the attention to detail of the small things like putting up the construction cones and barricade tape to seal off your work areas. So they’re calling for a good bit of rain on Sunday but I’m looking forward to it so I can see the system work!!! Thanks again Team and hope we can do more work together in the future. John, Owings, MD

WOW! What a nice surprise to drive up my driveway and see how professional the grass looked from your crew cutting it! Thanks to your team! Brian, Brandywine, MD

I want to thank you and Steve for your all help and especially prayers these past four years. I gave the new owners your name and glowing recommendation. Hope it works out. I will keep in touch. Regards and best wishes. Don, Huntingtown, MD

Just to let you know, the work looks great. The neighbors have all given great reviews. Thanks for the prompt service. Michael, Dunkirk, MD

I just wanted to let you know that my two maintenance guys noticed that whoever was out here doing the last snow storm removing the snow from our parking lot, did a GREAT job, my guys were really impressed with the work that was done. Like I said I just wanted to share that with you, and to let you know that your crew is always impressing us. J Keep up the GOOD JOB! Thank you. Ingrid, Alexandria, VA

As always, thanks to you and your staff for a great job. Everything looks great. They did a really nice job on our prized red maple. We are very pleased. Diane, Owings, MD

Grass looks great! Thanks again for helping me out on such short notice. I really appreciate all that you guys do for us! Thanks! Mike, Dunkirk, MD

I spoke to a gentleman from Harbour Square and many of the residents complimented the work that was done there this past storm. Please let everyone know that worked on this site they did a heck of a job to get compliments from this client. Thanks for the hard work! Brendan, Washington DC

Just a note to say thank you for a beautiful flower bed and driveway entrance. It is great! G. Davis

Best I can tell the project looks complete, and it looks great! We especially love the uplights on the tree! Also, I wanted to pass on that the men that were here working on the drainage and on the rock wall not only did a beautiful job, but were very pleasant, professional and nice to have around! Anne, Owings, MD

Also, just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you and your crews for the great job done during this historic storm. All things considered I thought your crews did a phenomenal job with the task at hand, and my tenants thought so as well! Johnny, Camp Springs, MD

Just to let you know, I didn’t have this much communication from the previous company in the entire year. Thank you for such great customer service. Tony, Prince Frederick, MD

Everyone is doing a very nice job across the board. Thank you! Johnny, Camp Springs, MD

Thanks for fixing my walkway today and the grass cutting looks good too!!  Carolyn, Dunkirk, MD

I don’t think I have ever seen a work crew move so quickly. They drove up, hopped out and descended on the flower bed. Stunning. It’s like they just delivered a new yard. 🙂 Andrew, Huntingtown, MD

To you all, I want to express my appreciation for the fine service which we have received from Garner Exteriors since we got together in 2011. Every one of you, and all the others who have helped as well, has delivered exemplary customer service from the time of our first installation and some quick repairs continuing through the winterization which Glen did last Thursday. We did not expect to keep this house as long as we have since our move to coastal South Carolina. Notwithstanding, you all have always been cooperative and helpful in scheduling services to meet my traveling schedule. Plus, of course, the system itself has performed well since its installation. Expert advice from Glen and Steve about the operation of the system has been spot-on and I am appreciative. It looks like we will be leasing the house. In doing so, we definitely plan to keep Garner Exteriors as our irrigation experts. As the house owner, I will take responsibility for getting the system serviced, but will have it scheduled by the lessees to meet their schedule. Again, thank you for many years, and continuing, of exemplary service. Bob, Gambrills, MD

I just want to pass on that the Wednesday guys (Edwardo’s crew) do a wonderful job, particularly on the edging, especially at the lawn edges by the back gardens.  Everything always looks so manicured.  Seems I get compliments on our yard all the time.  Mary Ann, Huntingtown, MD

The gardens look wonderful! Your crew worked their hearts out and I am so appreciative. North Beach, MD

What a pleasure it was to pull into the driveway last evening — both yards look fantastic!  Thank you so much for making our homes the ones in the neighborhood with the great landscaping.  We appreciate the hard work of your entire crew and appreciate you getting the work completed so quickly.  Please convey our gratitude to Steve and the entire team.  Thank you! Barbara, Prince Frederick, MD

Thanks for the surprise!  We got home late Friday so it was dark and we didn’t see that the work was done. Then I took the dog out and I smelled the mulch before I noticed anything :). Beautiful, as always. And, bonus, it motivated me to get the mower setup and I mowed the lawn. Looking like Spring…Thanks again! Andrew, Huntingtown, MD

The guys did a great job on our yard this year. I was very surprised to see the holly tree trimmed since I did not ask for it to be trimmed but I am sooooooooo glad they did it! It looks great! Patti, Dunkirk, MD

We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work and a huge thank you for working with our schedule.  The house looks beautiful outside for our big family event this weekend. Our home looks alive, fresh, and brand new. Jen, Dunkirk, MD

Both of us have been very impressed with the quality and workmanship of everything you have done for us.  The crews have been so professional and pleasant. The men have finished with the mulching and I just wanted to say they did a magnificent job!!  I loved the way they tamped the mulch at the edges and cleaned out around any flagstone steps.  It looks beautiful and they deserve kudos!  Thanks for another great job.  The loose flagstone steps have also been repaired.  So we are definitely ready for spring and I can get to planting and filling out last year’s new beds you put in. Jodi, Columbia, MD